Events – Danspace Project
In a room filled with natural light, a dancer, Quenton Stuckey stands in front of a white wall and beside a cactus plant and sofa chair. Quenton stands on one leg with the other held in a pointed line, crossed, behind the standing leg. Hanging from a bare chest, Quenton's arms are held low, with open palms facing forward. Due to the frame of the photo, we can only see the chin and mouth of Quenton's face.
Quenton Stuckey in Petrichor, by Yves B. Golden with Stephen Hill and Quenton Stuckey

JOURNAL: Petrichor by Yves B. Golden with Stephen Hill & Quenton Stuckey


Yves B. Golden is an artist whose work gleams at multiple intersections of media, including sculpture and embodiment, activism and curation, written word and sound, installation and performance. “She is inspired by the sacred bond that exists between memory and physical objects.”

In this new collaborative work, Yves is joined by artist and musician, Stephen Hill and dancer and musician, Quenton Stuckey. Quenton can be seen as the mover and the only present body in this nearly 19-minute video and Yves can be heard reading her own poetry, the sound of her voice layered with other sounds produced by Yves and Stephen. The central poem that repeats, “Petrichor,” can also be read in print on the Journal.


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