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Artists' Notes, Audio & Text

The Sky was Red by Jo Stewart

“The Sky was Red” is a performance score written by Jo Stewart to document Jasmine Hearn’s live performance, Pleasure Memory, presented by Washington Project for the Arts in Black Women as/and the Living Archive curated by Tsedaye Makonnen. Stewart wrote… Read more



  ALTOSTRATUS: AN ALLEGORY is a video work by performance maker Okwui Okpokwasili with collaborating artist, Peter Born.   ALTOSTRATUS CLOUDS ARE GREY OR BLUE GREY. THE SUN OR MOON MAY SHINE THROUGH THESE CLOUDS BUT IT’S SIGNALING THAT A… Read more

Research Groups

A grid of six photos, each photo is of an artist research fellow: iele has short brown curls and wears rectangular framed glasses, they are in a garden and are holding an orange flower in front of their nose with a squinting grin. Angie has layered dark brown locks stopping at the top of her shoulders, her brown eyes are piercing as she looks directly forward at the camera and she is wearing a blue shirt hanging slightly off of one shoulder. Jaamil has a cleanly shaven head and is standing leaning slightly back with the back of his head resting in his palm, his body and an unknown large structure next to him are draped in bronze metallic fabric as he stands in front of a bright red background. Alice is a light-skinned, multi-racial Black woman with blonde, copper, and red striped curly hair and gazes towards the camera. She wears a black shirt; her face rests in the palm of her face, her elbow sits on her thigh, and a gold necklace gleams at her neck. devynn has short cropped straight brown hair and has eyes cast down at the camera with a slightly furrowed brow and a small hoop ring hanging from their septum, they are wearing a straw brimmed hat with a striped string looped loosely under their chin. Larissa has her face in the left side of the frame only and she has dark brown curls framing her face and she wears bright red lipstick.

Fall 2020 Artist Research Group

  This Fall, Artist Research Fellows devynn emory, Larissa Velez-Jackson, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, iele paloumpis, Angie Pittman, and Alice Sheppard are engaging in an in-depth dialogue with the Danspace Project curatorial team, Judy Hussie-Taylor, Benjamin Akio Kimitch, and Seta Morton.… Read more

Audio & Text, Interview

Yves turning hovering over her dj controller setup in a brightly lit industrial setting. She is wearing a highly textured corset top with purple velvet and slick black. She is wearing thin metal chains and rings, looking up as her hands are busy at work.

An Interview with Yves B. Golden

    This interview with Artist and Organizer, Yves B. Golden was facilitated by Danspace Project Associate Curator, Seta Morton. Please listen to the audio interview above or download the PDF text transcription linked here.   A tropical storm came… Read more

Platform 2020

Kristin Juarez sitting and speaking into a microphone with a soft smile, looking over her shoulder at Seta sitting beside her.

trembling archive by Kristin Juarez

  Curator and research specialist, Kristin Juarez was the Curatorial Fellow at Danspace Project for the Reggie Wilson curated Platform 2018: Dancing Platform Praying Grounds: Blackness, Churches, and Downtown Dance and (for a brief but crucial time) in 2019 for Platform… Read more

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