Reassembly: Field Notes for Unknowing – Danspace Project

Reassembly: Field Notes for Unknowing

On tan recycled paper, a title in black ink, Reassembly. Field Notes for Unknowing. Seta Morton, Editor. Judy Hussie-Taylor, Series Editor.

Paperback: 102 pages

Size: 7 x 5.5 in

Published: 2023
Editor: Seta Morton, Series Editor: Judy Hussie-Taylor
Designed by Judith Walker
Published by Danspace Project
Price: $10

Between 2021 and 2023 Danspace Project (Lenapehoking/NYC) collaborated with Artist Research Fellows devynn emoryOkwui OkpokwasiliSamita Sinha, and David Thomson, initiating the Center for Dialogue & Exchange in the Arts (CDEA), a research site addressing the relationship between artistic inquiry and performance practice. Reassembly: Field Notes for Unknowing offers a glimpse into a years-long dialogue among the Research Fellows about generational change and critical issues facing the dance and performance field at a time of cultural, political, economic, physical, and spiritual crises.

Reassembly includes transcripts of select conversations between the Fellows and other artists, writers, scholars, and educators that took place during CDEA’s inaugural events; reflective essays by Judy Hussie-TaylorEva Yaa Asantewaa, and Joseph M. Pierce; resources for artists’ sustainability by David Thomson; and an exchange on integrative health practices between devynn emory and artist, Yo-Yo Lin. Edited by Seta Morton with transcription and notes by Nora Raine Thompson.

Reflecting on the value of performance practice and artistic transmission; sustainability and healthcare for artists; and artists’ relationships to arts institutions, Reassembly is a collection of prompts for creative, critical, and expansive thinking.
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