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Constellations and Influences

Constellations and Influences: Mina Nishimura

Mina Nishimura offered us a photoset in answer to our prompt, “My most significant artistic influences are…” Nishimura’s Princess Cabbage / Celery of Everything runs this Thursday-Saturday at Danspace Project, drawing on source material including the writings of Butoh originator Tatsumi… Read more

Constellations and Influences: Laurie Berg

Images: Leon Reid IV George Balanchine’s “Apollo” Mary Beth Edelson – “Last Supper” and other collage work Pataphysics – “every point is a turning point” Wangechi Mutu  

Constellations and Influences: Katie Workum

My most significant artistic influence(s) is/are: chronologically: Nell Carter, Peter Schmitt, Leigh Garrett, Will Rawls, Terry Dean Bartlett, Stacy Dawson Stearns, David Neumann, Annie B-Parson, DD Dorvillier, Eleanor Smith, and Weena Pauly. Because each one of these people has floored… Read more

Constellations and Influences: Julian Barnett

1. Antony Gormley, TRAJECTORY FIELD, 2001 – 2003 2. SimCity When I was a boy, I was obsessed with maps. I would happily stare at them for hours and study the contours of the various islands, cities and coasts that my finger could trace while… Read more

Constellations and Influences: Yanira Castro

“Every passion, ultimately, has its spectator…(there is) no amorous oblation without a final theater.” – Roland Barthes, A Lover’s Discourse 1: Perception  Robert Irwin’s “Black Line Volume.” This influence is a fiction. “Black Line Volume” was created in 1975 at the… Read more

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