Community Guidelines – Danspace Project

Danspace Project Community Guidelines


At Danspace Project, we value people, connections, inquiry, listening, adaptability, and equity. These values can only be upheld when respect, care, and safety are practiced. Please use this guide to help prioritize the safety of the physical and virtual spaces in which we gather. 


What are these spaces?
The physical spaces of Danspace Project are most often inside our home at the St. Mark’s Church, 131 East 10th Street. We occasionally host off-site. The virtual spaces of Danspace are our website, Zoom, YouTube, social media pages, and other interactive online platforms.



Privacy – Please respect the privacy and personal information of the artists, staff members, and fellow audience members. Do not share the personal information of others without their explicit consent. Do not take unauthorized photos, recordings, or screenshots of participants.


Respectful Communication – Critical thought, differing opinion, and complexity is welcomed when in discussions. Respectful communication is necessary, and empathy, compassion, and openness are valued.  


Observe and Respect Boundaries –  Respect everyone’s personal space and boundaries, physical and virtual. Observe how you may have been invited to engage in a space and respect the specificity and boundaries of that invitation. 

Intolerable Behavior & Consequences

Hateful Behavior and Violence – Violence against any person or the hateful use of language or gestures regarding race, gender, sexual orientation, age, immigration status, appearance, ethnicity, disability, religion, socio-economic status, will result in being asked to leave and/or being banned from attending future programs.  


Threatening Behavior and  Harassment – Harassment, attacks (verbal or physical), bullying, or any use of threat or intimidation, toward any person, will result in being asked to leave and/or being banned from attending future programs.  


Unsolicited Advertisements – Please respect the intentions of the space and the artists being presented. Uninvited advertisements or solicitations are not allowed and will result in being asked to stop. 


Reach Out

If you need assistance, have a question, or want to offer feedback:


Phone Number: (212) 674-8112

For immediate assistance on Zoom: Please private message the Danspace Project zoom account. 

For immediate assistance in physical space: Please locate the house manager, a staff member, or box office manager.

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