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Thank you for registering to engage the public grief altar: can anybody help me hold this body at the cement Dock on south edge of Prospect Park Lake, across from the Peristyle, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, anytime between April 1-3. This altar will be tended by devynn emory (Lenape/Blackfoot) and Joseph M. Pierce (Cherokee Nation). Invitation and instructions to engage the altar are below.


This page contains:

-A message from devynn emory
-Guidance on how to participate in can anybody help me hold this body, either in Prospect Park or at home
-Information on Prospect Park’s accessibility, transit, and COVID-19 safety


A message from devynn emory: 

“you are invited to honor this body lost. this body leads us to many bodies past, present and future. can anybody help me hold this body?

please join the procession to for your invitation and instruction for engaging the public grief altar at Prospect Park or to follow instructions for how to build your own where you are.

our grief can be holy if we let it.”


Dates & Times:
April 1-3: the altar and all who engage it will be tended to by devynn and Joseph daily from 12pm-4pm, although you are welcome to visit anytime from dawn to dusk.

“may we insist on visualizing the accumulation of our grief and the accumulation of our ancestors as we understand that without this pause, we too will be lost. may we take a moment with our loved ones and for our own resilient living beings.”


To participate:
1) Please find the map at the bottom of this page, linked with the location of the public grief altar. There is also a more detailed park map here.

2) Locate a meaningful item of your selection in honor of a loved one lost, or medicine for the collective moment. You are invited to photograph this item and upload it to the online archive before arriving at the altar.

3) Travel to this location.

4) An altar tender will be present at the appointed times, although you are welcome to visit at any time during park hours.

5) when you arrive to the altar, you are invited to place your item where you are called to do so.

There are instructions for building an altar at home if you prefer to practice differently.


Accessibility information:

1) A curb ramped entrance to the park is located on the corner of Parkside Ave and Ocean Ave, across from the Lefrak Center at Lakeside. this entrance is approximately 0.3 miles from the site location. most other paths to the site location require one to step over a 3’’ curb.

2) There are multiple paved paths to the site location and bathrooms, all of which include some variation, cracks, gravel, and potholes. Here is a more detailed park map.

3) Accessible restrooms and water fountain are located in Lefrak Center at Lakeside, approximately 0.3 miles from the site location.

4) Questions about accessibility? contact Seta:, 917.671.0243



Subway: the Q (Parkside Ave, .3 miles from altar site), the B/Q (Church Ave, .6 miles from the altar site), and the F/G (Fort Hamilton Parkway, .7 miles from the altar site). The closest ADA-Accessible subway station is the B/Q/S Prospect Park Station, .6 miles from the altar site. There is a wheelchair accessible entrance ramp on Lincoln Road between Flatbush Ave and Ocean Ave; elevators after fare control. Other nearby accessible stations include the F and G lines at Church Ave station. You can also consult this List of Accessible MTA Subway Stations or this MTA Subway Accessibility Map (PDF).

Bus: the B68 (Prospect Pk SW/Greenwood Av, .4 miles from the altar site)

Car: there is a free parking lot inside Prospect Park, using the Lincoln Road and Ocean Ave entrance. The altar site is .7 miles from the parking lot. There are 4 accessible parking spaces in the lot.

Bike: there is a CitiBike docking station at Prospect Park SW @ Greenwood Ave. Site ID: 3385.06. The altar site is .5 miles from the bike dock.


COVID-19 safety:

1) Each altar location is outdoors.

2) Face coverings must be worn at the altar. Please keep a safe six foot distance from other people, and allow for one altar offering to be made at a time. The altar tenders will also be masked and keep a safe distance.

3) There will be masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and wipes available for anyone who needs them.

4) If you’re experiencing or exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with others who are, please stay home to avoid the risk of exposing others. 

5) For contact tracing, if you test positive for COVID-19 or are alerted that you have come into contact with a person with COVID-19, please email at the time of alert. Danspace management will alert all attendees via email, and your identity will remain confidential.

6) Please make a choice that’s safest for your body. There are instructions for building an altar at home if you prefer to practice differently.


For more information about the project, visit


Questions or issues? Contact





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