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Rebel Angels Cookbook

The Rebel Angels Cookbook was created on the occasion of Danspace Project’s 2021 Rebel Angels Gala, honoring Bebe Miller, Annie-B Parson, and Pat Steir. Danspace Project invited past Honorees to share personal recipes, which have formed The Rebel Angels Cookbook. Our gratitude for these incredible artists and thinkers is enduring, as their generative spirits and creative endeavors have continued to nourish us throughout this year of pandemic. The cookbook is available as a digital and limited-edition print publication.

Featuring Contributions from: Marina Abramović, Charles Atlas, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Trisha Brown, Douglas Crimp, Merce Cunningham, Michelle Coffey, Molly Davies, Simone Forti, Philip Glass, Kathy Halbreich, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Judith Jamison, Ralph Lemon, Cynthia Mayeda, Joseph V. Melillo, Bebe Miller, Sam Miller, Eiko Otake, Annie-B Parson, Yvonne Rainer, Lucy Sexton, Elizabeth Streb, Jennifer Tipton, Laurie Uprichard, Wendy Whelan, and Robert Wilson.


An accessible PDF transcript of the Cookbook is linked here.

Optimal Viewing Platform for the Virtual Cookbook: Desktop, Laptop, or Tablet.

Accessibility for the Cookbook: Screen reader accessible text and image descriptions are available. When viewing the cookbook above, please find the accessibility icon on the upper left corner. If you hover your mouse over the logo it will read, “Accessibility.” Click on the icon to access all of the catalogue text and descriptions of images as readable by screen reader software.


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