October – 2010 – Danspace Project

October 2010

Blog #3 by Platform dramaturg-in-residence Jenn Joy

10.8.2010. Blog 3 Cecilia Bengolea & François Chaignaud, Sylphides (2009) and Pâquerette (2006, revised 2007, 2008) “The sublime is a feeling, and yet, more than a feeling in the banal sense, it is the emotion of the subject at the limit. The subject of… Read more

Blog #2 by Platform dramaturg-in-residence Jenn Joy

10.1.2010 DARIA FAÏN, Working with Stockhausen’s Stimmung 1968 (2010) AITANA CORDERO, Solo…? (2008) “…with you or alone no languages only grunts moans murmurs chattering teeth shuffling only sounds no languages with meanings no words or signifying gestures…” —DD Dorvillier, Choreography, a Prologue for the… Read more

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