October – 2014 – Danspace Project

October 2014

Constellations and Influences: Julian Barnett

1. Antony Gormley, TRAJECTORY FIELD, 2001 – 2003 2. SimCity When I was a boy, I was obsessed with maps. I would happily stare at them for hours and study the contours of the various islands, cities and coasts that my finger could trace while… Read more

In The Awkward Age

“I overheard Wanda on a sunny day in Washington Square Park in 1980.  A pretty brown teenage girl wearing a sweater.  Sitting on a bench recounting a story to another young girl, similarly dressed.  I was seated next to them… Read more

Luis Lara Malvacías: “(T)”

Sneak Peek: images by Ian Douglas of Luis Lara Malvacías/3rd Class Citizen’s (T). This “post-conceptual dance” draws on Malvacías’s interest in multiplicity as a starting and end point, triggering unpredictable results. Performances run this Thursday-Saturday at Danspace Project

Constellations and Influences: Yanira Castro

“Every passion, ultimately, has its spectator…(there is) no amorous oblation without a final theater.” – Roland Barthes, A Lover’s Discourse 1: Perception  Robert Irwin’s “Black Line Volume.” This influence is a fiction. “Black Line Volume” was created in 1975 at the… Read more

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