An Evening with Paul Chan & Claudia La Rocco – Danspace Project
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An Evening with Paul Chan & Claudia La Rocco

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Part of Platform 2016: A Body in Places

Platform curators Judy Hussie-Taylor, Lydia Bell, and Eiko have invited artists from other disciplines to respond to three of Eiko’s artistic concerns: 1) the relationship of a body to a place; 2) artist as wanderer; 3) how we bear witness to change. The guests’ artistic responses are presented alongside Eiko’s Church Installation.

Eiko will install images, objects, and videos of past performances on Tuesday evenings throughout the Platform. The installation will accumulate, and evolve weekly. Lighting created in collaboration with Kathy Kaufmann.

Judy Hussie-Taylor has invited writer Claudia La Rocco and visual artist Paul Chan to respond to the above three prompts. La Rocco’s text will unfold over four hours, and Chan’s sculptures, installed specifically for the St. Mark’s sanctuary and shown for the first time in New York, will be exhibited for one night only.

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