Nacera Belaza & Meryem Jazouli: A Shared Evening – Danspace Project
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Nacera Belaza & Meryem Jazouli: A Shared Evening

Meryem Jazouli. Photo: Carlos Perez Marin.
Nacera Belaza. Photo: Pauline La Boulba.

Monday, March 9, 7pm
Tuesday, March 10, 7pm


Casablanca-based choreographer and performer, Meryem Jazouli, creates work that is directly influenced by its Moroccan context, in particular South Moroccan Guedra dance and song. Algerian-born/France-based choreographer and performer, Nacera Belaza, has developed a choreography that originates from a sensible awareness of the body, of space, and of the emptiness inside herself. These longtime friends share similar concerns in their considerations of the power of dance in North African culture.

Folkah!, performed on this evening, emerged from Jazouli’s research into an ancestral folk dance from the Sahara: the Guedra, a dance practiced by women from southern Morocco, among other desert regions of North Africa, which is essentially performed on the knees. Jazouli has developed a corporal and vocal language to revisit the context, words, and gestures of the Guedra, to invent a new frame of dialogue between body and voice.

In recent years Belaza has been developing processions as a new way to relate with the public. In La Procession the performers circulate inside a sensory path that invites us to question the essence of a place: the interior and exterior space, private and public, darkness and light. Each Procession is an occasion to create a unique piece with a new group.

Part of PLATFORM 2020: Utterances from the Chorus


Accessibility Danspace Project’s main entrance is fully wheelchair accessible via ramp. A same-level restroom is available near Danspace Project’s main performance space in the church sanctuary.

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