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Benjamin Kimitch: Ko-bu

Performer Julie McMillan. Photo: Jessy Price

Ko-bu is a new evening-length dance by Japanese-American/NYC-based Benjamin Kimitch. A solo for dancer/collaborator Julie McMillanKo-bu seeks to create a sensory landscape in which to contemplate grief and loss through a series of articulated pauses and sustained images.

The choreography is developed through Kimitch’s research of the last compositions written by western composers in the classical music canon, such as Charles Ives, Richard Strauss, and Gustav Mahler, whose music serve as poetic guides. The choreography emerges from years of assembling religious images, in particular those of flying apsaras and Boddhisatvas featured in the historic Buddhist Dunhuang cave murals of northern China.

Performed by Julie McMillan
Lighting design by Kathy Kaufmann
Clothes by Tome
Music by Charles Ives: Orchestral Set No. 3
(Movements I and II edited by David Gray Porter; Movement III realized by Nors Josephson)

Please arrive on time. There is no late seating for this performance.

Initial research for this work began as part of the Dance and Process series in 2015 at The Kitchen. 

Benjamin Kimitch ​and ​Danspace Project pa​y​ respect to Lenape peoples and ancestors past, present, and future. We acknowledge that this work presented by Danspace Project is situated on the Lenape island of Manhahtaan (Mannahatta) and more broadly in Lenapehoking, the Lenape homeland.

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