Full Circle Souljahs: Boxed In – Danspace Project
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Full Circle Souljahs: Boxed In

Rokafella and Kwikstep

Q&A with the choreographers will follow each performance!

Created by Full Circle Souljahs under the direction of internationally known Breaking veteran and Bessie Award-winning choreographer Gabriel “Kwikstep” Dionisio and critically acclaimed Street Dance Matriarch Ana “Rokafella” GarciaBoxed In explores the nuanced overlaps in culture of Classical music, Ballet, and Hip-Hop.

Full Circle Souljahs invite pianist Michael Bond, Boston’s beat box extraordinaire Gene Shinozaki, and DJ KS 360 (Kwikstep) to provide a soundscape for this juxtaposition of J.S. Bach and classic Hip-Hop styles, sounds, samples, and dance forms including Breaking (Breakdance), classic Ballet, and Clas-sick Beat box.

Created by: Rokafella and Kwikstep 
Performed by: Raymond “Spex” Abbiw, Jennifer “Beasty” Acosta  Gabriel “Emphasis” Alvarez, Odylle “Mantis” Beder, Michael Bond, Deana Richline,  Sharmaine Sheppard, Gene Shinozaki, Janice Tomlinson, John “Flonetik” Vinuya, Shaneekqua Woodham
Lighting by: Carol Mullins 
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