A shared evening of work by Jasmine Hearn & Tatyana Tenenbaum – Danspace Project
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A shared evening of work by Jasmine Hearn & Tatyana Tenenbaum

Jasmine Hearn by Ian Douglas, Tatyana Tenenbaum by Megan Stahl.

Part of collective terrain/s — a collective research process organized by Lydia Bell, Jasmine Hearn & Tatyana Tenenbaum. More info on collective terrain/s

Thursday’s performance will be followed by a discussion with Charmaine Warren
Friday’s performance will be followed by a discussion with Okwui Okpokwasili

Bessie Award-winning performer and choreographer Jasmine Hearn uses dance and sound as materials to make, teach, and perform around the world. you think you fancy is a performance project using sound and movement from family, community, and elders. It is a mash-up of the pedestrian, the virtuosic, and the practical, with a focus on tension and vulnerability.

Paired with a sound-scape, this is a dance score for black femmes to follow their pleasure and to connect using languages that bring them most comfort. Writes Hearn, “using dance, poetry, song, text, and sound, we are grieving. And we are celebrating…It’s about them and her and my sister and our moving bodies with the ever-changing horizon.”

Performers include Maria Bauman, Solana Hoffman Carter, Aye Eckerson, Dominica Greene, Jasmine Hearn, Kadie Henderson, Catherine Kirk, Jennifer Payan, Angie Pittman, Jo Stewart, and Rochelle Jamila Wilbun with costumes designed by Athena Kokoronis of Domestic Performance Agency and lighting design by Kathy Kaufmann.

Choreographer and composer Tatyana Tenenbaum’s work explores the phenomenal space of the singing body and its capacity to hold and shape American narratives. Tenenbaum and co-performers/co-creators Marisa Clementi, Pareena Lim, Rebeca Medina, Emily Moore, Jules Skloot, and Saúl Ulerio have been putting into action a relational practice that grows from conversation, trust, togetherness, disagreement, and dissent – a practice of being together through body and voice.

Tidal is a collision of our future bodies with song. “I have written music that traces points in my lineage, some recent and some distant or barely imagined. These are the bones that hold our landscape together, crooning, clamoring polyphony, swelling and disintegrating all at once,” writes Tenenbaum.

Music and Direction: Tatyana Tenenbaum, Cartography: Rebeca Medina, Lighting Design: Kathy Kaufmann

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