Indah Walsh Dance Company: homespun (please remove your shoes) – Danspace Project
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Indah Walsh Dance Company: homespun (please remove your shoes)

Photo by Jessica Mantell

This performance is presented as part of the Community ACCESS series, which provides subsidized off-season rental opportunities for Danspace Project community members.

Indah M. Walsh creates non-traditional dance performance experiences in which audience members are active participants. As a woman of mixed ethnicity who grew up in western communities in different countries, her work contains humor with an underlying commentary on everyday sexism.

homespun (please remove your shoes) is a participatory dance gathering intended to challenge assumptions and behavior at live performances. homespun creates a space to gather, interact, and enjoy our collective stories while interrogating expectations and of traditional performance. “By finding creative ways for our networks to be involved throughout the development of the work and by reconfiguring traditional performance spaces, we hope to cultivate a sense of intimacy and camaraderie,” writes Walsh. “This designed gathering is not something viewers merely attend, but is an opportunity to actively contribute and be part of the work.”

Upon removing your shoes for homespun, you may be asked to tell a joke, sing, dance, lip sync, or play games. The performance is family friendly, so bring your kids and let them play.

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