Juliette Mapp: Luxury Rentals – Danspace Project
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Juliette Mapp: Luxury Rentals

Photo: David Gonsier

Thursday, May 12 – Saturday, May 14 , 8pm
& Thursday, May 19 – Saturday, May 21, 8pm

Danspace Project presents a six-show run of the premiere of Juliette Mapp’s latest dance, Luxury Rentals featuring dancers Levi Gonzalez, Jimena Paz, Kayvon Pourazar, and Mapp. With set designed by John Jesurun, and lighting designed by Joe Levasseur.

Luxury Rentals is created from a dancer’s perspective. The work weaves together the relationships that are built through—and around—dancing with stories that reflect the effects of New York City’s changing landscape, including physical and economic displacement. Dance requires space—often more so than any other art form. Space has become harder to find and afford to live and dance in. As a result, the challenges that dancers face inside and outside the studio have changed. The stories of Luxury Rentals are culled from life outside the studio, and the dancing is an expression of what lives inside the studio—in movement and in the stillness of watching, listening, reading, and resting. Luxury Rentals celebrates the fleeting luxury of life and dance—a luxury that can live and die in a moment.


Choreography by Juliette Mapp
 Levi Gonzalez, Juliette Mapp, Jimena Paz, Kayvon Pourazar
Lights: Joe Levasseur
Set: John Jesurun
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