Koma: The Ghost Festival – Danspace Project
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Koma: The Ghost Festival

Photo: Ian Douglas.

Update: the free 5-minute preview on Saturday, May 13 has been cancelled due to the weather. See you for the performance at 8pm!

Known as one half of the celebrated performance duo Eiko & Koma for the past 40 years, Koma Otake brings his first multi-disciplinary solo project to Danspace Project.

Using a mobile trailer, Koma creates an interactive visual art installment, as well as a performance space. The design, paintings, and choreography, have all been created or set by Koma himself. Only through performance and the presence of his body in relation to the set does The Ghost Festival truly come to form. Koma envisions The Ghost Festival as a meditative and communal space to honor the connection between past and present, and provide a home for lost spirits.

The Ghost Festival was seen in progress during Danspace’s Platform 2016: A Body in Places, dedicated to the work of Eiko Otake.

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