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A Shared Evening of Work by Tendayi Kuumba & Samita Sinha

Tendayi Kuumba by Angie Vasquez, Samita Sinha by Aram Jibilian

Part of collective terrain/s — a collective research process organized by Lydia Bell, Jasmine Hearn & Tatyana Tenenbaum. More info on collective terrain/s

Dancer, acclaimed jazz singer, songwriter, and company member of Urban Bush Women, Tendayi Kuumba works with visual, creative sound, and spoken word artist Greg Purnell to present U.F.O.: (Unidentified Fly Objects), an exploration of sound meeting the body.

Explains Kuumba, “When I think of “collective terrain”, I think of [a] telescope, a kaleidoscope… the literal galaxy and the internal galaxy that is our DNA.” Partners in love and in life, Kuumba and Purnell imagine this duet as “a micro-journey through one’s inner-verse, an otherworldly deja vu, a reminder of what we once were.”

Composer, performer, and educator Samita Sinha combines tradition and experiment to make vocal performance works that investigate cultural inheritance and the experience of being a body in the world.

Infinity Folds is a dance in sound—a process of coming together to make formations of vibration, inside and outside. The work is composed and instigated by Sinha and created by Regina BainRina Espiritu, Fana Fraser, Yingjia Lemon Guo, Chaesong Kim, Risha Lee, Okwui Okpokwasili, lily bo shapiro, Sheena Sood, and Helen Yung, who work with fragments of Baul music, a radically embodied folk tradition from Bengal, to open possibilities for voice and body.

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