Laurie Berg: The Mineralogy of Objects – Danspace Project
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Laurie Berg: The Mineralogy of Objects

Laurie Berg's "The Mineralogy of Objects," 2015. Photo: Ian Douglas.

Danspace Project’s Commissioning Initiative has commissioned over 480 new works since its inception in 1994. Our winter season opens with reprisals of recent Danspace Project commissions.

Laurie Berg’s The Mineralogy of Objects premiered at Danspace Project in April 2015. In three sections of tightly structured improvisation, Berg, along with performers Jodi Bender, Bessie McDonough-Thayer, and Jillian Sweeney examine the power of objects and the body as they translate an artwork by Joseph Cornell (Variétés de Minéralogie Object, 1939) into a collective, kinetic exercise.

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