Lily Gold: Good Mud – Danspace Project
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Lily Gold: Good Mud

There is no late seating for this performance. Please arrive on time!

Lily Gold’s Good Mud investigates the relationship of materiality and temporality. It follows a fascination with the transmutable nature of that which can and cannot be touched. Writes Gold,

“Paper bowers dissolve into mythic broth for the hunters who look not for answers, but seek significance and the lowest common denominator of chaos and order. By relentlessly assigning and reassigning value it ponders the connection between the arbitrary and the sacred. In the room of Good Mud, energetic remains of what came before roam alongside live bodies, voices, and homemade objects. To the left there is a small desert wearing a caravan. It knows that medicine must be survived before it can save. It honors darkness as a resource. It billows as we slither around laughing ourselves into the muck, marveling at the absurdity of our own form, and asking, to whom does this joy belong?”

Good Mud is a dance by Lily Gold, in collaboration with the performers Asli Bulbul, Eleanor Hullihan, Madison Krekel, and Alice MacDonald.  Sound design by James Jolliff and Lily Gold. Lighting design by Elliott Jenetopulos.

Lily Gold is a 2015-2016 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence. Her work has shown through Chez Bushwick presents at Center for Performance Research (GRAB, 2012), Danspace Project’s Draftwork series (TOWER OF COLLAR AND SEA, 2012), Dixon Place’s Brink series (OF SUN, 2013), AUNTS at Arts@Renaissance (PLANT CROW NO NO, 2013), Movement Research Spring Festival at Issue Project Room (FALLOW, 2014) and Fall Festival at Danspace Project (GRAB excerpt, 2016), AUNTS at Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive (CIRRUS AND SPEAR, 2016), and Movement Research at Judson Church (GUT GROUNDS, 2016). Her choreographic process has been influenced by artists she’s worked with as a performer, including Vanessa Anspaugh, Strauss Bourque-LaFrance, Faye Driscoll, Andrea Geyer, Tere O’Connor, Steven Reker, Jen Rosenblit, Vicky Shick, and Larissa Velez-Jackson among others. Lily studied dance and photography at Hampshire College. She also makes paintings and experimental short films. Good Mud is Lily’s first evening length dance.

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