Moriah Evans: Social Dance 9-12: Encounter – Danspace Project
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Moriah Evans: Social Dance 9-12: Encounter

With Social Dance 9-12: Encounter, choreographer Moriah Evans investigates a “possible core of the choreographic” where mind and muscles are at work together in search of a dance. In the process of looking and being looked at, acts of repetition and simulation get filled with life and exchange.

“The theatrical event moves towards the transmission and circulation of sentiment through the re-positioning of its participants. What may be social in origin becomes biological and physical in effect.” –Moriah Evans

About the Artist

With Strauss Bourque LaFrance, Maggie Cloud, Lizzie Feidelson, Irene Hultman, Kathy Kaufmann, Rashaun Mitchell, Lydia Okrent, Benny Olk, Caroline Spellenberg, David Watson.

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