Movement Research GPS Chats: Close Encounters of a Dance Kind (Croatia/Iran/USA) – Danspace Project
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Movement Research GPS Chats: Close Encounters of a Dance Kind (Croatia/Iran/USA)

Silvia Marchig. Photo by Maura Batarilovic.

Since 1992, iterations of Movement Research’s Fall Festival have been presented annually at Danspace Project’s home in St. Mark’s Church. Continuing nearly three decades of partnership with our sister organization, this year’s Festival virtual offerings include the GPS Chats series.

GPS Chats is a series offering GPS artists in residence a platform to share about their creative practice and living and working as independent contemporary dance artists in their cultural contexts. The series features international artists in conversation with local artists about the importance of international cultural exchange on the development of their creative practices.

GPS Chats: Close Encounters of a Dance Kind (Croatia/Iran/USA) is presented by Movement Research in partnership with 2020 Improspekcije Festival (Zagreb, Croatia).

This event features mayfield brooks (USA), Saghar Housseini (Iran), Silvia Marchig (Croatia), Kayvon Pourazar (USA), Sonja Pregrad (Croatia), Zrinka Simicic (Croatia), and Marýa Wethers (USA)

A note on 2020 Festival events:
Like many event series happening this year, Movement Research’s Festival looks a bit different. Rather than condensing a series of in-person events, workshops and performances into a five day period in December, various events like this GPS Chat will be scheduled throughout the coming months. We hope you’ll join us in exploring this new format, and connect with artists around the globe.

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