Netta Yerushalmy: Helga And The Three Sailors – Danspace Project
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Netta Yerushalmy: Helga And The Three Sailors

Netta Yerushalmy's "Helga And The Three Sailors," 2014. Photo: Ayala Gazit.

Danspace Project’s Commissioning Initiative has commissioned over 480 new works since its inception in 1994. Our winter season opens with reprisals of recent Danspace Project commissions.

“…a work of art as enigmatic as its title, yet as solidly built as the church that was (temporarily) housing it.” (Deborah Jowitt)

Helga And The Three Sailors premiered at Danspace in November of 2014. It consists of a solo for award-winning choreographer and performer Netta Yerushalmy, and a trio performed by Marc Crousillat, Amanda Kmett’Pendry, and Sarah Lifson. Yerushalmy performs her solo before a backdrop of continually-looping video snippets of herself as a young dancer in Israel and the U.S. in an effort to reconcile personal history and a desire to desubjectify her presence. In the trio, says Yerushalmy, “bodies waver between the staging of analytic formal entities and an aesthetic of defamiliarization, which undermines meaning and perception.”

Set designed by Lenore Doxsee; with lighting designed by Carol Mullins; costumes designed by Austin-based artist Magdalena Jarkowiec; elements of a score, created with acclaimed soprano, keyboardist, and composer Judith Berkson, performed live by Berkson.

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