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Platform 2016: Lost & Found in Artforum!

Javier Ninja and Archie Burnett, "Elements of Vogue," originally presented in "voix de ville," an evening created by Cori Olinghouse (February 3-5, 2011) as part of Platform 2011: Body Madness.

Javier Ninja and Archie Burnett, Danspace Project, 2012. Photo by Ian Douglas.

“Danspace Project to Launch Largest Curatorial Project in its History” (Artforum, July 14, 2016)

Curated by Ishmael Houston-Jones and Will Rawls, the program will reflect on the AIDS hysteria of 1981 to 1996 through a presentation of performances, conversations, film screenings, a print catalogue, a zine project, and a vigil that will take place from October 13 to November 19. Houston-Jones asked, “How is one able to, or can one, explain the pain, confusion, rage, and fear that HIV/AIDS caused a whole generation?” He added that the series will “try to recover the generation of mentors, role models, and muses” who died from the disease.

Read more at and right here on our website. Platform 2016: Lost & Found tickets go on sale July 25!

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