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A Celebration of the Life of Sam Miller (1952-2018)

Photo courtesy of the Institute for Curatorial Practice in Performance at Wesleyan University; image by Brendan Plake.

The dance community will honor the life of Sam Miller who passed away on May 1, 2018. Miller’s profound care for, and passion for, dance drove his life’s work. He was the founder of the National Dance Project and the Institute for Curatorial Practice in Performance (ICPP) at Wesleyan University among many other impactful cultural initiatives across the United States over the past 30 years. Organized by Ralph Lemon, Judy Hussie-Taylor, and the Danspace Project team, the day will begin with remarks by Miller’s friends and family followed by performances through the afternoon and evening.

Program of Events (Please note all times are approximate.)

11-12:30pm Remarks and Offerings

Chankethya Chey
Ralph Lemon
Anne Miller
Adam Miller
Cynthia Mayeda
Judilee Reed
Okwui Okpokwasili
Philip Bither
Jill Medvedow
Kristy Edmunds
Grisha Coleman

12:30-2pm Reception
Please join us in the Parish Hall for a reception. Refreshments will be available there throughout the remainder of the day.

2-9pm Further Remarks and Offerings

Part 1 (2-4:30pm)
Wally Cardona/Megan Schubert (please note this offering will be ongoing from 1:45pm in the sanctuary)
David Gordon (Performed by Amanda Treiber, Ambika Raina, Caitlin Marz, Carmella Lauer, Cliff Gabriel, Colin Gee, Elena Zahlmann, Karen Graham, Lauren Ferguson, Lydia Chrisman, Steven Melendez, Wally Cardona, and Valda Setterfield)
Dana Reitz
Michelle Boulé
Tere O’Connor (Performed by Heather Olson)
Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company (Performed by I-Ling Liu and Nick Hallett)
Grisha Coleman (Performers Anitra Brooks, Jonathan González, David Thomson, Nicolas Woloschuck)
Cathy Edwards
Helen Warwick
Liz Lerman
Pat Graney
Kaneza Schaal (Performed by Justin Hicks)
John Jasperse
Jimena Paz
Trisha Brown Dance Company (Performed by Cecily Campbell and Marc Crousillat)

Part 2 (4:30-7pm)
Harry Philbrick
Hannah Durack
Ralph Samuelson
Molly Davies
Polly Motley, Kota Yamazaki, and Sumie Yonei
Bebe Miller
Ralph Lemon
Okwui Okpokwasili
Ain Gordon
Melissa Levin
Lili Chopra
Noemie Solomon
Rachel Cooper
Moriah Evans (with David Watson, João dos Santos Martins, Nicole Marie Mannarino)
Daria Fain/Commons Choir
John Kelly
Jodi Melnick

Part 3 (7-9:30pm)
Faye Driscoll
Beth Gill & Netta Yerushalmy
Lydia Bell & Ali Rosa-Salas
Maurine Knighton
Eiko & Koma
Chankethya Chey
luciana achugar
Claudia La Rocco
Rashaun Mitchell + Silas Riener
Kyle Abraham
Will Rawls
Sarah Michelson
Reggie Wilson (please note for this work we will ask the audience to move to the east side of the space)


The following artists will be offering private dances to Sam in various parts of the world:
1pm (EST) / 7pm (CET):
Maria Hassabi (from Warsaw, Poland)
2pm (EST)/ 8pm (CET): Ann Carlson (from Tallahassee, Florida)
3pm (EST) / 2pm (CST): Darrell Jones (from Chicago, Illinois)
3pm (EST) / 9pm (CET): Brenda Way (from Puglia, Italy)
5pm (EST) / 11pm (CET): Margaret Jenkins (from Stockholm, Sweden)
5pm (EST): Trajal Harrell (from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)



Artforum, Passages: Sam Miller (1952-2018) by Judy Hussie-Taylor





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