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Aki Sasamoto Phase Transition Publication Party

Set on a dark stage, an art object sits in the center. The object consists of a fog machine in front of a small table with a hole in the center where a stage light is set up underneath. Atop the table is a blown glass orb with a whiskey glass sitting at the base, the light shining a beam of white light that pierces through the glass and the dark empty space above.
Photo: Ben Hagari.

January 11, 4-6pm

Coinciding with Aki Sasamoto’s Phase Transition, all are invited to celebrate the accompanying publication, designed by Kyla Arsadjaja, published by Danspace Project, and edited by Lydia Bell.

The publication features writing by Sasamoto, Bell, scholar Rachel Valinsky, and an intimate conversation between Sasamoto and choreographer Ishmael Houston-Jones. Valinsky’s essay, “To the Limit,” explores how Sasamoto uses “the motif of the limit across forms and containers,” tracing the origins of Phase Transition to previous works exploring scientific notions of change states, hypothesis, and flexibility. The conversation with Houston-Jones delves into Sasamoto’s early influence in dance improvisation, especially as a dancer in the work of Yvonne Meier.

The publication also features a series of photographs of Phase Transition in development by artist Ben Hagari.

The Phase Transition publication be available for purchase online, during installation and performance hours, and at the publication release party.



Accessibility Danspace Project’s main entrance is fully wheelchair accessible via ramp. A same-level restroom is available near Danspace Project’s main performance space in the church sanctuary.

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