Shared Evening: Justin Cabrillos / Lauren Bakst & Yuri Masnyj – Danspace Project
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Shared Evening: Justin Cabrillos / Lauren Bakst & Yuri Masnyj

Photo: Lauren Bakst and Yuri Masnyj
Justin Cabrillos. Photo: Nicholas Steindorf

Please note: There is no late seating for this show. Please arrive on time!

A shared evening of two new Danspace commissions by emerging artists.

Lauren Bakst makes performances and Yuri Masnyj makes drawings and sculptures. Since 2014, they have been combining their practices to make new work together. Re: Nude in a Landscape considers the construction and perception of the body in theatrical and exhibitionary contexts. Using a limited palette of actions, images, and materials, the work repeatedly establishes and distorts the framing of the figure in order to animate the interplay between recognition, visibility, and representation.

Justin CabrillosHoldings is a shifting constellation of images and behaviors generated by a beige carpet and a single body. The body travels through fits of discovery and ecstasy, reveling in the space between object and organism. From living room to mountain range, the body continuously arrives at a new space, a new context, and a new awareness.

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