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SlowDancing/ TrioA

Photo: Mark Kornbluth
Photo: Mark Kornbluth
Photo: Mark Kornbluth

SlowDancing/TrioA is a new video installation by artist, David Michalek, in collaboration with choreographer, Yvonne Rainer. It seeks to create an unusual motion picture record of Rainer’s iconic dance-work, Trio A (1966). Trio A has become an emblem of Rainer’s work of the 1960s, wherein she famously transformed the dancing body—stripped it of special techniques and star status, traded its costumes and leotards for T-shirts and sneakers. Trio A presents a steady stream of unique motions performed without a pause.

To create SlowDancing/TrioA, the roughly five-minute dance has been divided into 46 seven-second sections. Yvonne Rainer and Raindears company member, Pat Catterson, cast 46 dancers—many original to Trio A, and many of the younger featured dancers, their students—to perform the parts in sequence on a specially-constructed set designed for high-speed, high-definition. The end result, to be screened inside of Danspace Project’s sanctuary will feature a single film that shows the whole of Trio A, from start to finish, performed by 46 different people.

What do you think? Share your experiences of SlowDancing/TrioA in short inquiry-based conversations led by Danspace Project Board and staff. Conversation dates and times are noted below next to installation viewing times below!

Installation viewing times:
Friday, June 23, 6-10PM
Saturday, June 24, 6-10PM (6:30PM: conversation led by Hilary Easton, choreographer and Danspace Project Board Member)
Monday, June 26, 6-10PM
Tuesday, June 27, 6-10PM (6:30PM: conversation led by Lydia Bell, Program Director)
Thursday, June 29, 6-10PM (6:30PM: conversation led by Judy Hussie-Taylor, Executive Director and Chief Curator)
Friday, June 30, 6-10PM
Saturday, July 1, 6-10PM

About the Artist

Dancers include: Brittany Bailey, Patricia Beaman, Alexandra Berger, Siobhan Burke, Pat Catterson, Emily Coates, Robbie Cook, Caroline Copeland, John Erdman, Patrick Gallagher, Thyrza Goodeve, Peggy Gould, Sarah Haarmann, Patricia Hoffbauer, Irene Hultman, Gina Ianni, Jill Johnson, Simon Leung, Abigail Levine, Jodi Melnick, Elliot Mercer, Tess Montoya, Elisabeth Motley, Richard Move, Adele Nickel, Wendy Perron, Stephen Petronio, Manou Phuon, Joey Picciotto, Francisca Quintanilla, Yvonne Rainer, Maia Ramnath, Keith Sabado, Jade Salzano, Shelley Senter, Charlotte Stout, Macy Sullivan, Michou Szabo, David Thomson, Joshua Tuason, Damani Van Rensalier, Isabelle Vergara, Debra Wanner, Timothy Ward, Wendy Whelan, Megan Wright

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