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Summer 2021 at Danspace Project

A grainy projection of a person standing on a beach wearing a white dress. They carry a stick and lift their other arm to shoulder height. In front of the projection, a person leans against the wall, standing on their toes. Another person in a white dress stands on large stairs adjacent to the wall. They look over at the projection, mirroring the projected person's body shape. The image of the beach projects onto both of their white dresses.
Joan Jonas & Eiko Otake in the short film "With the Earth at My Waistline," Danspace Project Platform 2021: The Dream of the Audience.

Thank you for joining us in May & June for our first all-digital Platform 2021: The Dream of The Audience! From July 1-August 31, short films created by Ishmael Houston-Jones, Eiko Otake & Joan Jonas, Okwui Okpokwasili & Peter Born, and Reggie Wilson, for Platform 2021 are available for streaming. Watch often on our Online Journal and explore the riches of our digital hub!

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Your generous and deep engagement throughout this past year expanded the possibilities of our collective future and inspired us to find new ways to gather and build our ever-growing collective archive!

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