Platform 2016: The Zine Project: AUNTS (Arts on Site) – Danspace Project
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Platform 2016: The Zine Project: AUNTS (Arts on Site)

Photo courtesy of AUNTS.

Join us for a conversation with dance collective, AUNTS, on the final evening of their zine residency. AUNTS‘ concept for their chain curated zines is to “name names” in the margins (taking a cue from Maggie Nelson’s The Argonauts and Roland Barthes’s A Lover’s Discourse) to make lineages/influences/ghosts/inspirations/experiences of the artist community visible and known.

AUNTS, organized by Laurie Berg and Liliana Dirks-Goodman, generates a constantly shifting environment, often in the form of a live event.

In trying to “fill out the gap” left by deaths from AIDS, the zine, as a handmade, grassroots object, will serve as a central metaphor for addressing the ephemeral, fragmentary, and affective documents of a generation of artists. Two artist collectives, Allied Productions (October 18) and AUNTS (November 8) will develop zines and related live presentations addressing how each collective’s artistic practices might be in conversation with the reality and aftermath of the AIDS epidemic in the NYC dance and performance community.

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AUNTS was founded by James Kidd and Rebecca Brooks in 2005 and is currently organized by Laurie Berg and Liliana Dirks-Goodman. Guided by core principles of collectivity, cooperation, and sharing, AUNTS generates a constantly shifting environment where artists negotiate the simultaneous production and/or presentation of their work in relationship to one another. Often taking the form of a live event, AUNTS allows audiences to freely move about the spaces it inhabits, choosing their own path and creating their own experiences through chance encounters.

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