Vanessa Anspaugh: The End of Men, Again – Danspace Project
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Vanessa Anspaugh: The End of Men, Again

Photo: Ian Douglas.

Under the new Trump regime, choreographer Vanessa Anspaugh finds a renewed relevance in her continued research and critique of male masculinities with a new dance-theater work, The End of Men, Again. From her subject position as a lesbian choreographer and mother to a new son, Anspaugh, along with an all cis-male cast (Massimiliano Balduzzi, Lacina Coulibaly, Tristan Koepke, Gilbert Reyes, Simon Thomas-Train, Connor Voss, and Jesse Zarritt) explores how power lives in, and between, all of the participating bodies.

Interweaving demanding physicality with spoken dialogue, sonic religiosity, and sublime virtuosity, Anspaugh investigates masculine vulnerability and the historical and unyielding dynamics of cultural domination. Writes Anspaugh, “The End of Men, Again functions as an exploration, a critique, a celebration, and as an exorcism of myriad masculine archetypes. The work efforts to exist as an ongoing inquiry into the legacy of maleness my son will be contending with as he grows up.”

Sound and Text: Ryan MacDonald; Lighting Design: Kathy Couch with Kathy Kaufmann; Sound Designer and Dramaturge: Ryan MacDonald

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