Vicky Shick and Dancers: Next to the Sink – Danspace Project
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Vicky Shick and Dancers: Next to the Sink

Photo: Anjola Toro
Photo: Anjola Toro

*There is no late seating for this performance. Please arrive on time!*

After over 25 years of making dances with various collaborators and performers, Vicky Shick is committed to revealing the soul, passion, and fragility of performers. “My flat-out belief is that they are at the heart of all work. I am equally intrigued by spilling unexpected intimacies into these collaborative dances and thus sharing that sense of stray tenderness with the audience,” she writes.

With Next to the Sink, Shick examines how to uncover these essences in relationship to movement, to a space, to sound and to our fraught times. With visual artist, Seline Baumgartner, Shick accentuates possibilities for connectedness and warmth within the architecture of Danspace Project’s sacred sanctuary space through the smattering of tableaus, portraits, gently odd-ball incongruities, and highly detailed, vivid movement passages.

Writes Shick, “All I want to do is deliver our distinctive efforts at presenting our quintessential selves inside the rigor of form and curious meanderings.”

Performers: Jodi Bender, Jennifer Lafferty, Mina Nishimura, Jimena Paz, and Shick
Set Design: Seline Baumgartner
Lighting Design: Carol Mullins
Sound Design: Jon Kinzel
Costume Design: Naoko Nagata

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