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Yvonne Meier

Photo: Ian Douglas.

These performances are co-presented by Danspace Project and Invisible Dog Art Center. All 4 performances take place at Invisible Dog Art Center, 51 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY.

Multiple Bessie-Award winning artist Yvonne Meier shares two pieces: Durch Dick und Duenn, an all new work for multiple soloists, and Durch Nacht und Nebel, a short solo for Meier. In Durch Dick und Duenn (Through Thick and Thin) performers Lorene Bouboushian, Lisa Kusanagi, and Meier move through a rapid-fire sequence of eccentric action and shape-shifting characters as they navigate a volatile landscape of murky depths, brittle and explosive walls, and a few surprises. This new work draws on Meier’s 30+ year practice of improvisational Releasing and Authentic Movement techniques. In Durch Nacht und Nebel (which translates to By Night and Fog), seen at last year’s American Realness Festival, Meier transforms herself with provocative costumes.

“Fearlessly morphing from one creature to the next — one transformation involved an orange bodysuit affixed with the plastic babies, and in another, she was coated in black paint — she exposed her aging body with aplomb. Is there nothing she’s afraid of?” wrote Gia Kourlas (New York Times).

Durch Nacht und Nebel
Choreographed and Performed by Yvonne Meier
Music by: Chris Laye

Durch Dick und Duenn
Choreographed by Yvonne Meier
Performed by Yvonne Meier, Lorene Bouboushian, and Lisa Kusanagi
Set Design by: Yvonne Meier
Lighting Designer: Michael Stiller
Dramaturges: Aki Sasamoto, Anne Iobst, and Ishmael Houston-Jones
Music by: Chris Cochrane, Chris Laye, and Kevin Bud Jones

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