January – 2020 – Danspace Project

January 2020

Phase Transition: Aki Sasamoto and Ishmael Houston-Jones in Conversation

Set on a dark stage, an art object sits in the center. The object consists of a fog machine in front of a small table with a hole in the center where a stage light is set up underneath. Atop the table is a blown glass orb with a whiskey glass sitting at the base, the light shining a beam of white light that pierces through the glass and the dark empty space above.

  Aki Sasamoto: Phase Transition was published by Danspace Project on the occasion of Sasamoto’s performance installation, Phase Transition, presented by Danspace Project, January 9-18, 2020. Edited by the curator, Lydia Bell, and designed by Kyla Arsadjaja, the publication features writing by Sasamoto, Bell, scholar Rachel Valinsky,… Read more

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