A Body in Places: Eiko Solo #3 – Danspace Project
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A Body in Places: Eiko Solo #3

Top (l-r): William Johnston, Judy Hussie-Taylor; Bottom (l-r): Judy Hussie-Taylor, William Johnston.

Part of Platform 2016: A Body in Places

Eiko’s interest is in the East Village’s history as a home for multiple generations of immigrants, activists, artists, outcasts, dancers, musicians, and poets. This history and her own connection to the neighborhood has inspired her to perform one solo every day (Monday – Friday) for small audiences over three weeks at various locations in the East Village.

Audience members will gather at St. Mark’s Church and will be accompanied to a nearby place where Eiko will perform.

Performances will take place at various times during the morning, afternoon and night. Audiences for these intimate performances will range from 10 to 25 people depending on the size of the performance site.

The specific indoor places will not be revealed in advance but will include familiar and unfamiliar places along Second Avenue and near St. Mark’s Church.

Please note: some places have stairs and limited access to restrooms. For more information regarding accessibility please call 212-674-8112.

One final midnight performance will take place on March 19.

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