A shared evening: Jordan Demetrius Lloyd & Mina Nishimura – Danspace Project
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A shared evening: Jordan Demetrius Lloyd & Mina Nishimura

Jordan Lloyd and Owen Prum. Glenn Potter-Takata and Mina Nishimura. Photos by Ian Douglas.

Friday, January 12 | 7:30pm
Saturday, January 13 | 7:30pm

Jordan Demetrius Lloyd and Mina Nishimura each return for a shared evening of new iterations on excerpts of  their recent and respective Danspace commissions. Both artists were a part of Danspace’s inaugural Renewal Residency cohort and therefore had a year of private residency time, getting to know the Sanctuary, before their commission. Both works utilized a keen and complex sense of the space to assert the St. Mark’s Sanctuary as a site of ambiguity, mystery, and transformation.

In the Bessie-nominated work Blackbare in the Basement (2023), choreographer Jordan Demetrius Lloyd threads together an intimate duet between two entangled bodies and a ghostly group of six who fill St Mark’s Church with fleeting imagery and their haunting gaze. This next iteration of the duet is a dramaturgical spin-off titled The Basement, which presents Lloyd and co-performer Owen Prum in several choreographic arrangements suggesting various types of relationships. Working through themes of desire, power, and touch, Lloyd invites us all into the basement, a place of possibility that heightens our attention and ignites imagination.

Mina Nishimura shares a newly expanded (空 kuu) version of her duet with Glenn Potter-Takata from Mapping a Forest While Searching for an Opposite Term of Exorcist (2022). In Mapping a Forest…Nishimura and performers used specific physical modalities to converse with peripheral spaces and invisible inhabitants of St. Mark’s Church. The work saw Nishimura further developing her relationship to Buddhism-based concepts of ‘emptiness (or 空 kuu)’ and ‘no-mind (or Mushin無心). Original sound score by Kenta Nagai.



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