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Artists’ Notes

Phase Transition: Aki Sasamoto and Ishmael Houston-Jones in Conversation

Set on a dark stage, an art object sits in the center. The object consists of a fog machine in front of a small table with a hole in the center where a stage light is set up underneath. Atop the table is a blown glass orb with a whiskey glass sitting at the base, the light shining a beam of white light that pierces through the glass and the dark empty space above.

  Aki Sasamoto: Phase Transition was published by Danspace Project on the occasion of Sasamoto’s performance installation, Phase Transition, presented by Danspace Project, January 9-18, 2020. Edited by the curator, Lydia Bell, and designed by Kyla Arsadjaja, the publication features writing by Sasamoto, Bell, scholar Rachel Valinsky,… Read more

Kamau Ware: Blood Culture

Blood flows through the City and dries under our feet, feeding the ground we walk on. Similar to blood, memory is flowing, provides life, and is often lost. Blood culture considers the duality of blood and memory in layered urban… Read more

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