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Artists’ Notes

Andros Zins-Browne on “duel H”

Andros Zins-Browne premiered duel H at Danspace Project February 1-3, 2024. With this work, he extends his inquiry into relationships between bodies and ecology, exploring fluidity between humans, animals, and land in their potentialities. Inhabiting a space where binaries such… Read more

“You” by Koma Otake: Choreographer’s Notes

Two side-by-side images of Koma Otake. The sepia image on the left is of a young Koma (1981), shirtless with a red chili pepper necklace. On the right, is an image of an older Koma (2023) shirtless and covered in white chalky make-up, wearing the same chili pepper necklace.

Koma Otake brings his latest solo, You, to Danspace Project. “In dancing this trilogy, I engage and converse with various You but one at a time. Friends, parents, siblings, spirits, streets, fields, and objects with personal memories all inspire and… Read more

one looped year but the lake: an invitation from Asiya Wadud

Asiya standing behind a podium, speaking into a microphone.

  Asiya Wadud is a NYC-based writer and teacher and was a 2019-2020 Danspace Project Research Group Fellow. She has authored many books including a collaboration with Okwui Okpokwasili published by Belladonna and Danspace Project. On the occasion of her… Read more

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