Catalogue – Danspace Project


Questions From The Chorus

Six women sitting in a row of chairs facing an audience. An art istallation made of fruit is behind the speakers.

  What does it mean to weave a collective song?   How do we vibrate and move together?   What is possible when we hum, utter, and gesture together?   How does the process of collaborative participation forge a transformational… Read more

Collective Research: The Platform 2020 Research Groups

A circle of seven pairs of hands, all reaching into the center.

  As an inquiry-based extension of Platform 2020: Utterances From The Chorus, Danspace invited individual artists to be part of two artists Research Groups that have been meeting regularly over the last nine months with group facilitator, Seta Morton. They… Read more

Fred Moten: Amuse-bouche

Amuse-bouche From Platform 2015: Dancers, Buildings and People in the Streets catalogue She said, you came to see human bodies tonight but this is “holy work and it’s dangerous not to know that ’cause you could die like an animal… Read more

Judy Hussie-Taylor: Dancing Ground (excerpt)

By Judy Hussie-Taylor Danspace Project Executive Director and Chief Curator   Beginnings Where are we when we stand, sit, dance, or kneel at 10th Street & 2nd Avenue in the East Village? What is this land where so many have planted, prayed, grieved,… Read more

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