Issue 14 – Danspace Project


A portrait of two men smiling on the beach. On the left, a white man with dark hair pulled back leans in, sunlight streaming across his face. to the right, a black man with short dark hair and freckles reaches forward to take the shot. iele takes a selfie on a ferry boat. iele is a white genderqueer person with dark curls and eyes. They wear a large fur-lined hood and wire-rimmed glasses, and look content with a subtle closed-mouth smile. Their lips are a bit rosy from the cool air. In the background, there is the East River and NY city skyline at sunset. The colors in the sky range from pale blue to light orange, with a couple of soft grey clouds. The water reflects the light from the sky in ripples. A dark skinned Black femme with a short afro is pictured in front of a grey concrete wall. Her arms are extended out past her side while she leans in the opposite direction.mayfield, in a dark theater wailing with their eyes closed, arm reaching above them, gripping the concrete wall behind them.

PLATFORM 2022 Schedule of Events

APRIL 23  Conversations Without Walls: The Dream of the Artist 12PM-1:30PM ET   APRIL 28-30 Rashaun Mitchell + Silas Riener: RETROFIT: a new age Thursday, April 28, 4-8PM ET Friday, April 29, 4-8PM ET Saturday, April 30, 2-6PM ET  … Read more

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