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Reggie Wilson, …they stood shaking while others began to shout, Platform 2018. Photo by Ian Douglas; edited by Raja Feather Kelly.

Since their inception in 2008, Danspace Project’s Platforms have been a signature program. The Platforms are multi-week series of performances and events organized by guest-artist-curators and the Danspace curatorial team. The Platforms were conceived by Danspace Project Executive Director and Chief Curator Judy Hussie-Taylor as “exhibitions that unfold over time” and enact curation as a process of collaborative inquiries delving into artistic, choreographic, and curatorial concerns. Each Platform is accompanied by a print catalogue and, in recent years, an Online Journal issue

Platform 2010: i get lost, curated by Ralph Lemon
January-April 2010

Platform 2010: back to new york city
, curated by Juliette Mapp
April-May 2010

Platform 2011: certain difficulties, certain joy
, curated by Trajal Harrell
September-October 2010

Platform 2011: Body Madness
, curated by Judy Hussie-Taylor & David Parker
February-April 2010

Platform 2011: Retro(intro)spective: Susan Rethorst
, curated by Melinda Ring
May-June 2011

Platform 2012: Judson Now
, curated by Judy Hussie-Taylor
September-December 2012

Platform 2012: Parallels
, curated by Ishmael Houston-Jones
February-March 2012

Platform 2014: Diary of an Image
, curated by DD Dorvillier
May-June 2014

Platform 2015: Dancers, Buildings and People in the Streets
, curated by Claudia La Rocco
February-March 2015

Platform 2016: A Body in Places: Eiko Otake
, curated by Lydia Bell & Judy Hussie-Taylor
February-March 2016
Journal Issue #2 | Catalogue
Platform 2018: Dancing Platform Praying Grounds: Blackness, Churches, and Downtown Dance, curated by Reggie Wilson
February-March 2018
Journal Issue #7 | Catalogue

Platform 2020: Utterances From the Chorus, curated by Okwui Okpokwasili & Judy Hussie-Taylor
February-March 2020
Journal Issue #10 | Catalogue Volume 1 | Catalogue Volume 2
Platform 2021: The Dream of the Audience (Part I), curated by Judy Hussie-Taylor
May-June 2021
Journal Issue #12 | Catalogue

Platform 2022: The Dream of the Audience (Part II), curated by Judy Hussie-Taylor
April-June 2022
Journal Issue #14 | Catalogue
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