Issue 4 – Danspace Project

Platform 2016

Call for contributions: Memory Palace

Invitation to contribute to the Danspace Project Archive and Journal The Platform 2016: Lost and Found catalogue features a section, “Memory Palace,” inspired by a technique of memory recall often used by ancient Greek poets. By committing a location to memory, a… Read more

Platform 2016, Writer in Residence

Black Male

  by Alex Fialho In February 2016, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released its first ever projective study of lifetime risk for contracting HIV among specific populations, including a deeply troubling estimate: the study predicted that one in two… Read more

Platform 2016

Music from Lost & Found

These two mixes gather sonic traces of the AIDS crisis, club scenes, communities of color and queer experience over the last several decades.  Clocking in at 5+ hours of music, it’s still very incomplete.  Loosely organized generationally, Part I reflects… Read more

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