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Emmanuel Iduma

Dancing Physics

by Emmanuel Iduma I I’ve heard rumors that the sexton of St. Marks Church has worked there for a long time. I could verify this easily.* I have chosen, instead, to make estimates of his years of service by watching… Read more

“Dance Adjectives”

  The adjectives were tentative. I rolled them in my mind. Writing coaches have told me the fewer adjectives the better. As a word-class, they said, adjectives are dependent on other words for their functionality; yet while I watched there… Read more

“Dance Gravities”

1 Fingers inclined skyward remind me of a certain woman who attends church services without fail. In the course of our singing I notice how her hands move to depict the words. Her wrists control gravity. Her palms are cupped… Read more

“Dance Emojis”

[One]  A dance dialogue: Kaitlyn Gilliland and Will Rawls sit opposite each other and read lines from text messages. A projector screen facing them comes on and off at their command, bearing screenshots or emojis or their photographs. Their voices… Read more

“Dances are Ghosts”

– It’s what DD Dorvillier says. Jenn Joy asks, in response, “Can we imagine a movement then from the spectral to the image?” (1) A room is often filled with ghosts. A room full of dancers, dance enthusiasts, poet-critics, and… Read more

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